Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Back from Moncton!

So, I ended up being a few things.
I did manage to get my Stormraven Gunship, and I got the Grey Knight codex.  I code some light reading up ahead of me and quite a bit of swearing and assembling.

Going on a shopping trip!

Well, today is my last day off and I decided I'd go on a shopping trip, I want to buy a new mini to build anyway, which is more then likely going to be the Stormraven gunship, if they have it in stock... I'll more then likely buy Shadow of the Damned too, seems like an awesome game :3

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Done! Huzzah!

Well, after over a week of working on my minis, I finished my first 5!
The last rush was done watching Cars and Old School, which managed to keep me focus.

Weeeeeh! I'm proud of my first batch!

Sad Night

Tonight was the last time I could hang out with one of my friends, it made me sad... however, she's not going to university far from where I currently live so I'll be able to visit her!

I've continued painting, I'm now done with the Boltgun Metal.
Moving on to the Regal Blue, Skull White and Mithril Rose (Scab Red + Mithril Silver).

Hopefully I'll be done assembling them before the end of this night.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend (for me) begins!

I'm finally done painting the black base on my remaining 3 minis!

Now, moving on to paint the boltgun metal finish.
Listening to this dubstep compilation, it's a pretty good mix!

Saturday, August 27, 2011


I know there's many people that hate dubstep, but I personally love it, but then again, I love trance / vocal trance and various house, electro, etc style.

The song that's been stuck in my head recently is this one:

I love the classic link's awakening song remix.

On a Warhammer 40K side note, I decided to go with the Stormraven Gunship if they have it in stock at the store I'll go to, and I'm almost done the black base on my last 3 Rose Knight (Grey Knight).

Break time.

I figured I'd use my break at work to do a post on the blog...

Looking at the possibilities on the Games Workshop website to continue building my Rose Knight (Grey Knight) army, I was pondering between the Stormraven Gunship and the Nemesis Dreadknight...

To be honest, I'm not yet thinking of it as a playable army, I'm only building minis for looks right meow...  So I think I'll go with the Dreadknight, input would be nice in the comment section however.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Oh video games

I kind of put off making my minis since I picked up this game.  I  should at least try to finish the black base on the pieces I got cut out but meh... between Eyeshield 21, Transformers - The Headmasters and my video games, I got a lot of stuff to do and not that much time...

Well, I work tonight so I won't have a chance to do any of that.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Slow time.

I decided to streamline the remaining 3 mini, painting the black base on all the pieces, then the boltgun metal, etc... until all 3 are ready to glue and assemble, so it might take a couple of days before new post relating to WH40K.

Monday, August 22, 2011

Headphone Light Contraption!

Alright, so today, I figured out a way to get light to continue paint, I used my book lights and attached them to my headset [IMG].

With that, I managed to finish building and painting my second mini!

I think the results are a little better then the first, but I'm still no expert painter...
My newest mini:
Next to each other:

I know I'm not the best painter ever, but I do love the pink I mixed by mistake... The 2 paints I used for pink are linked at the bottom of the post.

At this rate, I'll have my set done soon and I'll have to wait till next pay to buy more D: maybe I should slow down a little.

Anyway, now that I'm done painting this mini, food and video games need to occur.


So today, after taking a little break from painting, I went to turn the desk light on again on to hear it fizzle out and poof into death.  It seriously hindered my painting abilities since the only other viable light source is in the kitchen and I don't want to move my computer desk there...

I also got a couple of coffee cream thingy to mix my paint in instead of using my cutting board, should save my from having more permanent odd colored stains on the board.

I'm working on a double falchion grey knight right meow, hopefully I'll be able to finish it today!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Well, I think I'll try to keep this up!

What I did on saturday, during the whole like 3 hours I was awake and not at work.

So, I tried mixed some of my paint together, aiming to do a metallic red... I ended up with the pink on my mini right now, which I actually enjoy more then the red I had in mind.  I mixed an odd unmeasured amount of Scab Red to some Mithril Silver, I'm pleased with the results... except I just noticed some areas needed touch up and I don't remember how to exactly make them... Oh well, I'll figure it out when I need to paint again...

Anyway, The weekend's being long, working from 8:30 PM to 7 AM kind of kills everything else to do... but I don't like sunlight anyway, night time is also a perfect time to paint and do minis...

Damn... I just realised I just went up a level in nerd and a couple of level in the anti-social scale...

Meh, I'm fine with it.

To tomorrow,


Saturday, August 20, 2011

It's been a while...

I realised it's been almost 9 months since I last posted...

Maybe I should take better care of my blog...

I may have picked up a new hobby that will generate more blog posts as I started buying Warhammer 40K Minis and painting them.

This package is what I bought... I also got the paint listed in the picture...