Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Obvious subject was obvious, but I'm really happy to finally have some snow outside.

It made it kind of quiet at the EB Games for Boxing Day, which is good and bad.

Today's my day off so I guess I'll just relax and play video games.

Sunday, December 26, 2010


I just learned today that I love the pink Sunny Delight >.>

In other news, working during x-mas, nothing new... Recettear went on sale on Steam, been having fun with that game n_n but I'm still addicted to WoW...  This day, "Christmas", went by like any other day for me, I don't know what's all the buzz :/

I know I'm sporadic on posting on my blog, I will try to keep it more regular from now... I know, not the first time I say so, but this time, I intend to make it so >:]

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Back on the WoW Crack...

My current character. [Full Size Pic]
Yep, I fell into it again, it's what happens when my friends all go back to it...  But anyway, that's been my time sink in between jobs... I've also updated my PSP to 5.50 Prom-4 and managed to get Monster Hunter Portable 3rd running on it.

On a side note, we've had the staff party saturday for the theatre and one of my best friends in the 'chi gave me two awesome presents and a nice christmas card n_n.   I love the smell of the vanilla candle and it keeps my bedroom warm ( it's cold mostly due to basement + broken heater ).  I still need to find a proper place to put the poster up, I don't want it to be hidden by random objects, it's too nice to be even partially hidden.  I think I just found a place, but it'll wait to tomorrow before I put it up, too lazy tonight.

Recent movie I watched was Tron: Legacy, quite good, saw it twice so far, probably gonna watch it at least 3 more times before it leaves theatre... I also want to watch the new Yogi Bear movie... but our theatre only had it in 2D this week, next week I guess I'll go watch it...

Thursday, December 9, 2010


I stumbled upon a website for Arimaa which seems interesting to play, the only problem, is I lack a 2nd Player :(

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yay payday!

Which means I bought stuff! I got the Tron Soundtrack, BlazBlu Continuum Shift (PS3) and Dr. Pepper (24 cans)... I know, Dr. Pepper's lame... I might buy movies too... maybe... but now, I haven't slept since yesterday afternoon and I had the wise idea of re-arranging my bedroom at 6 am while I had to work at 1 pm and now I'm exhausted, time to listen to some Daft Punk and fall asleep <3

Monday, December 6, 2010

Useless days off are useless xD

I spent the entirety of my Sunday sleeping and watching Digimon and I'm doing the same today, talk about productive days off... I didn't even fold my clothes D:  Well, I guess it's back to work tomorrow afternoon.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Saturday... Oh What A Nice Saturday n_n

So, first of my 3 days off, I decided to be lazy and slept till 3 in the afternoon.  I played some CoD: MW2 during the afternoon, trying to get to a 1 Kill-Death Ratio, I have 877 kills to catch up for the perfect 1.  Then, we cooked some scrambled eggs and deep fried some taquitos and proceeded to a 20 odd some episode long marathon of Digimon, which we are probably going to watch more tomorrow.  I wish my life was filled with more thrilling situations and random events but I guess it isn't so it does for boring posts -_-

Friday, December 3, 2010


are delicious, that is all, thank you for your attention.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lesson to be learned

I woke up "late" this morning for work, rushed and got there in time only to realise I don't work today, my shift is tomorrow...  I felt like an idiot but my boss thought I was working today too so it's less bad :D  It just means tomorrow's gonna be a long day for me, 11 PM to 3 PM at EB then 5:15 PM to Midnight at the theatre... on a good note, it's the x-mas parade in town friday night so it will be less busy ^_^ So, instead of working, I'll do laundry and dishes, listening to Braingell Radio and hanging out in the chat room there.  Taking it relax... I need to remember the anime my friend told me about last night >.< I lost the piece of paper that I had written the title on... but I'm sure I'll talk to her soon enough :D

Nier is a good game so far, the main character is kind of fugly though :( The gameplay is pretty solid so far, didn't notice any glitch yet... I'm happy, best 10$ buy this year n_n

I continued watching Digimon, I'm up to when Greymon evolved into Skull Greymon... I remember that freaking me out as a kid :/  Time to truck on, I want to watch all 5 series :3

Not that I have much to say but...

Pepsi, I love and hate you, you taste so smooth going down but you keep me awake when I want to go to sleep... I thought my body stopped reacting to caffeine but apparently, it's just to energy drinks...  On other news, I bought Nier and Uncharted for PS3 this week, feels good playing something else then LoL and WoW.  I'm almost done reading "Exile" in the Drizzt novel serie, Exile's kind of lame but I guess it's for a build up, so I'm reading it dryly. 

While stumbling, I've also found A List Of Things People Should've Seen By Now On The Internet and Part 2 of said list.  That made me realize I spend way too much time near a computer for I've seen the complete list before being aware of both of those list, it did however bring back a few good memories.

Movie wise, I saw Tangled and Morning Glory over the week, Tangled is amazing, I even shed a couple of tears during the movie... I was however trying to hide it because I was watching it with friends... Morning Glory made me laugh on so many levels and it also had small but facepalm-tastic reference to online memes, kind of subtlety slid in. 

Back on the game subject, I noticed "999: 9 hours, 9 persons, 9 doors"on the DS as been getting good reviews and I've been craving to try it and the new Golden Sun game is out on the DS which makes me have to find my DS which is probably lost under the couch somewhere, and dust it so I can play both.  Cataclysm is coming out next week and I canceled my pre-order, first on the list for collector's and I decided not to play WoW anymore.  The 4.0 Patch ruined the game for me.  Also coming on December 7th is the Tron: Legacy score, made by Daft Punk, I will have to pick that up even if I have to drive to Moncton to do so.

A friend linked me a video made by these guys relating to food.  After seeing those, I felt sick but compelled to try those recipe just to know the taste of them.

I should really go to bed since I work at 11 am, but someone motivated me to do a post and I can't say no when she asks, because, I mean, I should post once a day, but I'm too lazy and need a kick in the ass... but that's it for this post, I'll hopefully stay motivated and post another one in less then 24 hours.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Mid week post ^_^

Out of my stumbling, I find odd interesting comics, my newest discovery is Blip. So far, I don't really understand anything that's going on but I'm no close to finish catching up yet.  Karma struck nicely tonight, I brought my teacher's wallet, which he lost at the theatre while I  was working, back to him after said shift and tonight, I went to eat out at Jungle Jim's and while in line to pay my bill, one of the waitress took my bill from my hand saying someone else was gonna cover it, I turned around to see who it was and it was my teacher, he was happy that I returned his wallet quickly and fully intact to him.  My first shift at EB Games went pretty well, it's a nice environment, saw a lot of people I knew from the theatre come over there.  I was disappointed last night when we went to Mc Donald's hoping for Raspberry Milkshakes only to be told it got discontinued... McDo keeps cutting my reasons to visit at an alarming rate :(  Drinking this green "imported" monster energy drink makes me wish there was energy drink flavored pop, I love the taste, but I often don't need an e-drink... mmmmm.... pop flavored green monster...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Digimon & other random shit.

I've been craving to re-watch that show for a while now and finally got around to redo so, I'm only 10 episodes in and all I can feel is my face getting bitch slapped by the 90's attitude and cheesyness, not that it's bad but you know.  Apart from that, nothing much happened, kind of a busy weekend at work, with Harry Potter 7/1 coming out.  It was a good movie, had an hilarious inside joke to the staff in it, really good prep for the 2nd part.  It's Tuesday at the time I write this post so it means 2 good things, payday and I start my temp job at EB Games today.  A funny fact about it is the manager that trained me when I first started for Empire Theatre, is also going to be the one training for EB Games since he is the assistant manager there now.  Tuesday also means drinking night with my friends, so I think a visit to the O'Donaghue's [ IMAGE ] is in order, possibly Dooly's too, for some shots and pool. Anyway, that's all that could come through my head at this time...


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Scott Pilgrim for the 100th time...

Yeah, post title says it, I'm watching Scott Pilgrim VS The World for the 100th time, I just love the soundtrack to the movie too much :/ it's like me and "Night at the Roxbury" I can watch it just to listen to the music...

Harry Potter 7 part 1 comes out tomorrow in theater and I'm working but hopefully only that movie's going to be busy ^_^ And we get a staff showing tomorrow night :D I get to see the movie in a semi-private showing!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Tuesday Morning...

Being up so late in the night means I need to get a new job since during the week, I do sleep during the day and stay awake for the better part of the night, but with less distraction from society, I managed to catch up on some more anime, played some League of Legends with Karl and Martin, my account's now level 12 ^_^;;

I've been having fun with X-Fire recording videos, only the ones with no hackers make it online and there's quite a lot of hackers -.-

While talking of anime, this season, I'm following Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt, Ore no Imouto, STAR Driver, Super Robot Wars OG: The Inspector and Iron Man ...

I recently watched RED, Megamind, Due Date and JackAss 3D in theatre.. RED is by far my favorite of those four, followed in a tie by Megamind and Due Date... JackAss is just fun to watch to see other people suffer.  Due Date was more serious then I originally thought it would be and contained quite a few sad moments, which kinda dampened the mood of the movie but made it better in a way...  Kind of hard to explain.  Megamind was just overall good, if you want to see a 3D movie out right meow, Megamind's the way to go by far.

On a side note, I've been clean from WoW for since patch 4.0 came out... like a month ago?  Kinda brought of myself and it made me doubt actually playing through Cataclysm... I've had so much more "free" time since I stopped playing that PC Screen Induced Heroin of a game...

A friend of mine reminded me that I have a Last.FM profile and I decided to use it again, feel free to look at what I listen, usually pretty shitty stuff :/

My mom bought me a couple of books recently too, which I've been reading a chapter or two out of every night before sleeping, The Legend of Drizzt by R.A. Salvatore, it's an old series that I never got around reading and I'm grateful for the gift. (Links for the books I got at the end of the post)

This post is quite a bit longer then my usual posts but I feel I could just continue on posting random stuff... but I guess this will do for this edition of the Randomosity blog...

Monday, November 8, 2010

What can I say...

It's been almost a month since my last post on this blog, I guess I just never thought of posting since I've been sitting at my computer and playing video games or watching movies mostly...  The Scott Pilgrim VS The World movie launches tonight on disc, I'll go get mine in an hour ish... probably pissing off a couple of Black Ops midnight release attendees.  I guess I'll try being a little more active, it's a great place to write my thoughts sometimes.

I leave you with a song from a band a friend made me remember of tonight:

Tuesday, October 12, 2010



This cracked article made me realize I buy way to many movies as I own all of those movies already :\ They are pretty much all amazing (depends on your taste to be honest).

Monday, October 4, 2010


Boring weekend

Really nothing's been happening with me, I finally finished watching Samurai Champloo... took long enough xD... and went to the movies, watched Legend of the Guardians - The Owls of Ga'Hoole and The Social Network.  Both being good movies, The Social Network was actually fantastic, I might go watch it again.  I'm more then likely off to see Wall Street - Money Never Sleeps tonight with my 2 roommates, the movie looks interesting.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ok, seriously, this. his, hilarious...


I have nothing more to say than, I lol'ed, hard. And no, not every french people in New-Brunswick.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Samurai Champloo...

The series's really good, but I can't watch more then two episodes a night without wanting to sleep :/ maybe I should watch them in the living room instead >.> I shall try to finish it today, I'm on episode 9 -_- but I got a whole day ahead of me... and if that's not enough, I got the rest of the week without a single work shift ^_^

Sunday, September 26, 2010

And I was right

We were dead at the movie theater, a full day with less then 300 customers, 15 screening (3 screening each of Legend of the Guardians, Wall Street 2, The Town, Easy A and Devil) so my day was boring, now to relax and play some WoW or finish watching Samurai Champloo.

Sunny Sunday

Hopefully that means a slow sunday at work, when it's sunny, people tend to not sit in a movie theater so I hope it sticks for today too... I guess I should get ready to go to work actually... Wall Street 2 should be the big movie selling right meow but apparently, the rednecks around prefer Easy A so...

I'd love to see a PS3 Monster Rancher, CD, DVD and Blu-ray for monsters, the possibilities... ^_^ Also, Front Mission Evolved coming out this tuesday but I'm definitely too poor to buy it -_-

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Damn you Brewfest

I've had the epic brewfest ram since its release in 2007 and I'm literally only running Direbrew to get the kodo and I think the game hates me, I open the keg only to find the ram, the shanker and the tankard... EVERYTHING BUT THE FUCKING KODO!!!

-Melundra, 80 Blood Elf, Mage Pioneer of <Pernicious> from Lightninghoof.

Been a little unactif lately...

I owe that to Monster Rancher 4 and The Vision of Escaflowne, I've just been playing MR4 non-stop pretty much, it's too addicting... that and work... Next on my list of shows to watch would be the Men in Black tv serie, I remember it being kind of entertaining so might as well rewatch it.

Friday, September 17, 2010


World of Warcraft, when you reach the level cap, and no one's online, you get struck by boredom, and that's why they added achievements like Loremaster... which I'm so bored that I'm actually working on them :/

That's it...

-Moolundra, UIldaman.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Liquor and Rock Band seem to mix well together.  I went to a party last night with friends and it's pretty much all that happened, liquor, rock band, then complaining about how arthritis will destroy us... While over, we watched Toy Story 1 and 2 since the host were talking about the 3rd one coming out soon on blu-ray which kind struck me hard... Has is already been that long since it's been in theater? and that answer to that was yes, summer just disappeared to let fall sneak in.  Anyway, on that note, I pre-ordered the 4 disc package from Amazon.com since local shops said pre-orders weren't available at the time.

On a side note, my roommate bought Metroid: Other M (which he has yet to play, so I might tomorrow instead) and Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions (PS3 version) and I've been watching him play, the Spider-Man game looks wicked, so I'll have to see if I can sneak in some play time of my own on it... Back to watching Black Lagoon for me then.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Bugbear Monk's Diary [Old DnD adventure]

Day 23
I moved my camp farther away from the town because the guards were being annoying... They don't seem to understand that I just want to live a peaceful life away from those evil savages I used to call family and tribes mate...

Day 24
Today, I saw the guards again, they were observing me with a weird tube again...
It was sunny, I hope those clouds in the distance don't come this way.

Day 25
I jinxed myself, I commented on those clouds... It's pouring rain right now...
I stayed in my tent all day, I don't like the smell of wet fur...

Day 26
The grass was still wet but the rain had stopped early in the morning...
I killed a rabbit but charred it again...

Day 27
A weird giant and a tall human came to meet me at the camp...
They said the villagers are afraid of me and that I can't stay here... I decided to follow them.

Later that night...
A wolf-like dragon ambushed us but we killed him pretty quick...
and a bunch of lizard attacked us...

The sky is clear, the wood crackles lighty in this quiet night,
[goblin] my urge to kill the human must be repressed. I'm not one of them anymore... [/goblin]

Day 28
The giant has good food finding skills, better then mine but I like berries more then bunnies...

We were following the lizard's trail to a clearing... The clearing made me feel heavy...
I spent a long while watching the tall human digging in the middle of it...
They started floating and a guy in a sarcophagus tried to kill the human...
I punched his skull in, saving my new friends...
[Goblin] I told them this circle was bad news... I hated that circle from the start [/goblin]

The human guy got a new shiny weapon, I don't use weapons, I'm too clumsy for them...

We set up camp at the bottom of the mountain. I pitched my tent but didn't invite any of them in...

The human was kind enough to help me learn his language better... Apparently, I talk like a hick...

We sat around the camp fire... I'm taking first watch, then waking the human up...

A smart looking ogre with a spiked shield and a morning star came during the human's watch...

[goblin] that damn human let that ogre throw a boulder at my tent, destroying it... curse that human... [/goblin]

I swung aimlessly at this ogre since he seemed to read my mind and block all of my punches...

The human and the giant prove themselves usefull allies... The human even healed me!

Back to bed for me, hopefully the starry sky will lull me to sleep....

Day 29
I woke up at dawn to a scary sight, the ogre was still breathing.

After careful examination, I noticed the human tied up the ogre during my sleep...

After asking to the ogre who his master was, the ogre raged and the human sliced his throat open...

We packed up and started our trek up the mountain... I waved farewell to my tent...

The human found tracks on the ground, belonging to a wolverine... When we found the wolverine, he was eating a puma... It's a pretty big wolverine, biggest one I've seen yet...

The human shot 2 arrows out of his bow, the first one seemed to hit a tender spot and his second one nailed him pretty hard too...

Those wolverines were pretty tough... they seem to have hurt that giant a whole lot but the giant brought down quite a good punishment on it too...

We prepare a wood fire and cooked the tenderized meat, wolverine is tasty...

Day 30

I woke up in a stone box today... with barely any light...

A random talked to me, named himself Blann... He captured me for fun apparently. He said his master didn't like me and that he was going to capture my friends now...

I woke up with the sound of a thud. I called out in hopes of a reply. The voice of my human friend was heard... He was mumbling something about the villain being smarter... I think he's insane...

The giant voice came not too long after... The ranger mentioned me as the dumb bugbear, note to self, hit him for that... The human yelled as if scared, as if something attacked him...

The door opened and the giant was there... the human had his weapon on the ground... The giant looked at me menacingly... Then hit me hard... ouch... The giant called me ugly, he never seen himself in a mirror... I think the giant was stoned... The room is full of odd symbols that the giant seem to be able to understand and while he was reading them, he mentioned a "hot female" from where he came from in the cave that corrupted his mind... I guess he wasn't stoned... My friends got alarmed by something and a sudden darkness came, a darkness even my magical torch couldn't light up...

[And this ends it since my monk died in the fight that came up in the darkness -_-]

Monday, September 6, 2010

Lazy Sunday...

Went to bed at 8 am, got woken up at noon by my new roommate moving furniture in, helped him, realized the two first episode of Clannad were done download, been watching Clannad since... This post is short since I just want to go back to watching Clannad!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Whose Line Is It Anyway?

I've been stumbled while in lack of sleep mode and stumbleupon brought me to this marvelous blog:
And I've been finding myself watching "wliia" every time my megavideo cooldown was up.
Oh, and I've heard that Machete > The Expendables, I guess I'll have to see for myself >.>

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Insomnia FTL

So, over the past couple days, I napped for like 6 hours total, managing to sleep through this stupid heatwave is impossible... but with the less sleep, I managed to catch up on a couple of movies and animé I had put aside for a while now.

The movies I watched were Yamakasi and Le Retour Des Yamakasi - Les Fils du Vent.  Two decent french movie focusing on a group of guys (Yamakasi) that do parcour...  Another serie of movie I watched is "Taxi" a serie written by Luc Bésson, the first movie being decently old, released in 1997 and the newest being released in 2007.  Last on the movies I decided to watch was Wasabi, also written by Luc Bésson.  I guess I just had a french movie marathon ^^;

The couple of animé serie I'm watching are still ongoing so I tend to not watch them for a month and have a lot to watch in one go... Highschool of the Dead is entertaining and full of fan service and it's one of those rare animé to include zombies.  The others are girly animé and I'm kind of ashamed to like them...

Wiki entries to movies mentioned in the post:
Les Fils du Vent
Taxi 2
Taxi 3
Taxi 4

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bleargh :(

So, I didn't sleep for 24 hours Monday to Tuesday (2:30am to 2:30 am) and I crashed early this morning only to wake up at 5pm, man does that wreck a day... On a side note, someone stole my gas cap from my car, had to buy a new one, who the fuck steals a gas cap anyway -_-.

The stupid heat wave continues in New-Brunswick but at least it should start cooling down for the week-end.  I feel bad for the people stuck in orientation at the college this week...

My last roommate's moving in this saturday so I guess we'll have some old school game lan parties happening soon, like AoE 2 and SC: BW, maybe Quake 2 also, those should be entertaining.

It's all I had to say for now, I'm gonna go watch Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog and Boondock Saints.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Odd server and lazy day.

Last night, I logged in on steam for a quick couple rounds of Modern Warfare 2 when I landed on an odd modded server.
This is a video I recorded from that server... and yes, I do suck at the game.
The server was neat in the sense everything (except the ACR) are somewhat balanced, only perk is Stopping Power and there's no Kill Streak or Death Streak and most of the guns are available to everyone and the only option is a silencer, which makes the game a whole lot simpler... The graphics also seemed different, yet not really at the same time, it seemed to run smoother... maybe it didn't have a Depth of Field on the camera and no motion blur either... that could do it.

Other then that, I've had a pretty lazy day, played some Blaz Blue continuum shift, online, I suck at that game too, sadly. Watched the Matrix Trilogy, fell asleep during the third one just cause it's the third one...

I think I'll put a little more time in Rogue Galaxy and go to bed, since I have a lot to do on my cleaning list of monday... :\

Sunday, August 29, 2010

I just realised how lazy I can be...

So, I went to hook my SNES up to play some good old classic and when I realized I had to move the television, I instead opted to put a movie on (Dodgeball) and play Sudoku on my Blackberry instead... Wow... I've reached heights I never wished reaching...

Saturday, August 28, 2010


So, today was another boring day at work, one of our staff left and she brought ice cream cake to celebrate her leaving the company, I guess the ice cream cake is the only reason I didn't snap today and killed someone... so many retards go to the theater... We have 4 big signs that says "Buy tickets here" and they still ask where to buy their freaking tickets -_-...

Now, time for so World of Warcraft (Moolundra, 80 Tauren Warrior, Uldaman) or boot up my SNES and play some Super Mario RPG Legend of the 7 Stars.

Friday, August 27, 2010

So, testing it out...

Just a random first post, I've been playing some Rogue Galaxy recently and now I'm going to go watch Super Troopers at the local theater.