Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Back on the WoW Crack...

My current character. [Full Size Pic]
Yep, I fell into it again, it's what happens when my friends all go back to it...  But anyway, that's been my time sink in between jobs... I've also updated my PSP to 5.50 Prom-4 and managed to get Monster Hunter Portable 3rd running on it.

On a side note, we've had the staff party saturday for the theatre and one of my best friends in the 'chi gave me two awesome presents and a nice christmas card n_n.   I love the smell of the vanilla candle and it keeps my bedroom warm ( it's cold mostly due to basement + broken heater ).  I still need to find a proper place to put the poster up, I don't want it to be hidden by random objects, it's too nice to be even partially hidden.  I think I just found a place, but it'll wait to tomorrow before I put it up, too lazy tonight.

Recent movie I watched was Tron: Legacy, quite good, saw it twice so far, probably gonna watch it at least 3 more times before it leaves theatre... I also want to watch the new Yogi Bear movie... but our theatre only had it in 2D this week, next week I guess I'll go watch it...