Thursday, December 2, 2010

Lesson to be learned

I woke up "late" this morning for work, rushed and got there in time only to realise I don't work today, my shift is tomorrow...  I felt like an idiot but my boss thought I was working today too so it's less bad :D  It just means tomorrow's gonna be a long day for me, 11 PM to 3 PM at EB then 5:15 PM to Midnight at the theatre... on a good note, it's the x-mas parade in town friday night so it will be less busy ^_^ So, instead of working, I'll do laundry and dishes, listening to Braingell Radio and hanging out in the chat room there.  Taking it relax... I need to remember the anime my friend told me about last night >.< I lost the piece of paper that I had written the title on... but I'm sure I'll talk to her soon enough :D

Nier is a good game so far, the main character is kind of fugly though :( The gameplay is pretty solid so far, didn't notice any glitch yet... I'm happy, best 10$ buy this year n_n

I continued watching Digimon, I'm up to when Greymon evolved into Skull Greymon... I remember that freaking me out as a kid :/  Time to truck on, I want to watch all 5 series :3

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  1. Hehe, I have almost done the work thing too.

    & Nodame Cantabile.