Thursday, December 2, 2010

Not that I have much to say but...

Pepsi, I love and hate you, you taste so smooth going down but you keep me awake when I want to go to sleep... I thought my body stopped reacting to caffeine but apparently, it's just to energy drinks...  On other news, I bought Nier and Uncharted for PS3 this week, feels good playing something else then LoL and WoW.  I'm almost done reading "Exile" in the Drizzt novel serie, Exile's kind of lame but I guess it's for a build up, so I'm reading it dryly. 

While stumbling, I've also found A List Of Things People Should've Seen By Now On The Internet and Part 2 of said list.  That made me realize I spend way too much time near a computer for I've seen the complete list before being aware of both of those list, it did however bring back a few good memories.

Movie wise, I saw Tangled and Morning Glory over the week, Tangled is amazing, I even shed a couple of tears during the movie... I was however trying to hide it because I was watching it with friends... Morning Glory made me laugh on so many levels and it also had small but facepalm-tastic reference to online memes, kind of subtlety slid in. 

Back on the game subject, I noticed "999: 9 hours, 9 persons, 9 doors"on the DS as been getting good reviews and I've been craving to try it and the new Golden Sun game is out on the DS which makes me have to find my DS which is probably lost under the couch somewhere, and dust it so I can play both.  Cataclysm is coming out next week and I canceled my pre-order, first on the list for collector's and I decided not to play WoW anymore.  The 4.0 Patch ruined the game for me.  Also coming on December 7th is the Tron: Legacy score, made by Daft Punk, I will have to pick that up even if I have to drive to Moncton to do so.

A friend linked me a video made by these guys relating to food.  After seeing those, I felt sick but compelled to try those recipe just to know the taste of them.

I should really go to bed since I work at 11 am, but someone motivated me to do a post and I can't say no when she asks, because, I mean, I should post once a day, but I'm too lazy and need a kick in the ass... but that's it for this post, I'll hopefully stay motivated and post another one in less then 24 hours.

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