Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bleargh :(

So, I didn't sleep for 24 hours Monday to Tuesday (2:30am to 2:30 am) and I crashed early this morning only to wake up at 5pm, man does that wreck a day... On a side note, someone stole my gas cap from my car, had to buy a new one, who the fuck steals a gas cap anyway -_-.

The stupid heat wave continues in New-Brunswick but at least it should start cooling down for the week-end.  I feel bad for the people stuck in orientation at the college this week...

My last roommate's moving in this saturday so I guess we'll have some old school game lan parties happening soon, like AoE 2 and SC: BW, maybe Quake 2 also, those should be entertaining.

It's all I had to say for now, I'm gonna go watch Dr. Horrible Sing-Along Blog and Boondock Saints.

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