Thursday, September 2, 2010

Insomnia FTL

So, over the past couple days, I napped for like 6 hours total, managing to sleep through this stupid heatwave is impossible... but with the less sleep, I managed to catch up on a couple of movies and animé I had put aside for a while now.

The movies I watched were Yamakasi and Le Retour Des Yamakasi - Les Fils du Vent.  Two decent french movie focusing on a group of guys (Yamakasi) that do parcour...  Another serie of movie I watched is "Taxi" a serie written by Luc Bésson, the first movie being decently old, released in 1997 and the newest being released in 2007.  Last on the movies I decided to watch was Wasabi, also written by Luc Bésson.  I guess I just had a french movie marathon ^^;

The couple of animé serie I'm watching are still ongoing so I tend to not watch them for a month and have a lot to watch in one go... Highschool of the Dead is entertaining and full of fan service and it's one of those rare animé to include zombies.  The others are girly animé and I'm kind of ashamed to like them...

Wiki entries to movies mentioned in the post:
Les Fils du Vent
Taxi 2
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