Monday, August 30, 2010

Odd server and lazy day.

Last night, I logged in on steam for a quick couple rounds of Modern Warfare 2 when I landed on an odd modded server.
This is a video I recorded from that server... and yes, I do suck at the game.
The server was neat in the sense everything (except the ACR) are somewhat balanced, only perk is Stopping Power and there's no Kill Streak or Death Streak and most of the guns are available to everyone and the only option is a silencer, which makes the game a whole lot simpler... The graphics also seemed different, yet not really at the same time, it seemed to run smoother... maybe it didn't have a Depth of Field on the camera and no motion blur either... that could do it.

Other then that, I've had a pretty lazy day, played some Blaz Blue continuum shift, online, I suck at that game too, sadly. Watched the Matrix Trilogy, fell asleep during the third one just cause it's the third one...

I think I'll put a little more time in Rogue Galaxy and go to bed, since I have a lot to do on my cleaning list of monday... :\

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