Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Digimon & other random shit.

I've been craving to re-watch that show for a while now and finally got around to redo so, I'm only 10 episodes in and all I can feel is my face getting bitch slapped by the 90's attitude and cheesyness, not that it's bad but you know.  Apart from that, nothing much happened, kind of a busy weekend at work, with Harry Potter 7/1 coming out.  It was a good movie, had an hilarious inside joke to the staff in it, really good prep for the 2nd part.  It's Tuesday at the time I write this post so it means 2 good things, payday and I start my temp job at EB Games today.  A funny fact about it is the manager that trained me when I first started for Empire Theatre, is also going to be the one training for EB Games since he is the assistant manager there now.  Tuesday also means drinking night with my friends, so I think a visit to the O'Donaghue's [ IMAGE ] is in order, possibly Dooly's too, for some shots and pool. Anyway, that's all that could come through my head at this time...


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