Sunday, December 1, 2013

Dark Souls and my backlog...

So recently, I undertook the brilliant idea to clear out my console backlog using Backloggery's fortune cookie feature... The first game it spit out at me was Dark Souls.... I was reluctant to start but I did anyway since I will eventually have to beat it to clear the backlog. All went well, defeated the guardian, the taurus demon, the twin gargoyles and the butterfly... I made it deep in the forest, when according to what I got told that I shouldn't have gone there to begin with, and got destroyed by Sif... over and over and over again... I did finally beat him and that's where I'm sitting at now, haven't played since.
That's me chilling by the cat that recruited me in the covenant.
I did get the Zelda 3DS XL and did finish A Link Between World but sadly, I haven't gotten around to add the digital games on my backlog quite yet... :/

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