Sunday, April 26, 2015

First real try at being a Dungeon Master. Retelling of the party's adventure so far.


I realize I have not posted in ages on my blog, I'm sorry for that, been busy in real life.  Mostly with video games and Pathfinder. Talking about Pathfinder, the DM we had got a job and was unable to keep the campaign we were playing going due to scheduling conflict so I thought I'd give a try to be the DM using the Paizo campaign Kingmaker.

The group started well, the characters in the campaign so far are an Archon-blooded Aasimar Zen Archer Qinggong Monk, an Asura-blooded Thiefling Gunslinger and a Half-Elf Bloodrager.

The campaign starts by meeting up in Oleg's trading post, a remote location about 3 days ride from the closest town.  After the players learned that the post was going to be pillaged by local bandits, the assignment they were given by the kingdom to charter the greenbelt was quickly set aside to assist Oleg and his wife, Svetlana.  Preparations were made quickly in the evening, giving them hiding position and time to rest before the attack.  Let's just say those bandits did not last long, the leader going down during the surprise attack lead by the party.  A javelin from a bloodrager and a well aimed shot by the thiefling made short of him, the archer dispatching of one of the underlings.  The remaining two bandits went down before they could even react.

Now that the group set base camp at the Trading Post, the real adventure could begin.  The trio set to charter the Greenbelt and deal with the bandits.  The first noticeable thing they encountered was a patch of moon radishes south of the trade post.  Upon closer inspection, they found four kobolds in the field with baskets of freshly picked turnip.  The gunslinger bravely walked forward, trying to peacefully approach the new found beings but due to a language barrier, they couldn't understand each other and the kobolds attacked the intruders on their field.   Dispatching of the small creatures quickly, they took the filled baskets of radishes back to the camp to Svetlana.  Coming back to the camp, they met the guards that were sent by the kingdom to protect this trade post from the bandits, their small camp established to the south of the trade post.  Svetlana was glad to have the radishes and proceeded to make a meal for the crew and her husband.

The following day, the adventurers once again set to explore and encountered a giant centipede just crawling along on the plains, not even bothering to pay attention to the trio.  The Aasimar got the brilliant idea of attacking it from range and nearly paid with his life, falling unconscious after two bites from the mighty insect.  Lucky for the Aasimar, his team mates fell the insect and stabilized his bleeding wounds.  Resting to let their friend recover, the party got surprised by mangy wolf that was slain easily.  Having no serious injury but the Aasimar still down, they kept resting, disturbed only by a bandit which was taken care of before even noticing them.  Taking in consideration the wounds suffered by the archer, the party made way back to the camp's safety. Two days passed still before the Aasimar regained mobility, purchasing the only healing item left in store, chugging it and calling it good to go. As they left camp, the head guardsman came up to them and advised of a kobold camp to the south that have been an issue and to see if they could dispatch of them.

The trip south begun anew only for them to walk in a forest looming with death, bones of various animals and humans littering the area.  The party slowed down to inspect the suspicious forest only to be pounced by a spider which quickly fled back to the safety of the trap it had laid.  With the alchemical fire potion taken from the bandit, the bloodrager set fire to the trap and to the spider itself, exposing it for his ranged partners to make quick waste of it. Choosing the spider's nest as a resting area, taking in consideration that wild life did not approach this area normally seemed the wisest decision and they were able to take a full night's rest, the exploration proceeding along at a decent pace as they kept making for the south.  Exploration continued the next day, encountering 4 bandits during the charting of the region.  The bandits took some lucky bow shot at the party but ultimately met their demise by the trio. Injuring and taking time to rest, the party made camp for the night, taking watch one by one.  Near the end of the night, during the Aasimar's watch, a boar snuck in and attack the faithful guard and waking the two sleeping members.  The boar having picked his target poorly got taken care of almost instantly and was kept ready for the breakfast meal soon to come. Spotting a large tree at the horizon, the party headed south west in the morning, upon getting closer to the tree, the gunslinger recalled about a story mentioning the 100 feet tall dead tree and how it served as a lair for mytes now.  Choosing to avoid having to deal with hordes of fey creatures, they started travelling east, mapping their travels until they found a worn and damaged shack by a river, a broken rope bridge and a sign with a rusty bell that read “Nettles’ Crossing—5 coppers—ring bell for service.”.  After investigating the shack and finding nothing, the party was about to leave when the Half-elf curiously rang the bell.  Out of the water, an undead wielding a ranseur came out, claiming they were not the one he was looking for and demanding them to bring the body of the Stag Lord (leader of the bandit in the region).  The party took note of his demand and quickly left there after, making camp distances away from the river for the night.

---Session ended---

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